16.05.2019 GreenReMark at IV Saint-Petersburg international clusters conference

May 16, 2019 in the framework of the IV St. Petersburg International Conference CLUSTERS OPEN THE BORDERS “Time of Leaders”, agreement of cooperation of the Project Partner Miksei Ltd and Technopark  of Saint-Petersburg was signed and a seminar of the Green ReMark project was held.

The seminar was actively attended by the leaders of the Cluster of Innovation Development in the Energy and Industry and the Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg, as well as representatives of the Center for Cluster Development and SMEs of St. Petersburg. During the seminar, study visit and B2B meeting in Mikkeli which is planned on 13-14 June was discussed. The team of the visit will combine technical experts from  SMEs specialized in green energy and young innovators with knowledge in management, economic and international cooperation. Since the visit is aimed on creation of long term cooperation between Russian and Finnish SMEs in green energy production, supply and use, combining of experts with different competences in one team will help solve this task.