11.10.2019 Networking events

V International Forum on Renewable Energy at the North-West of Russia

More than 150 experts discussed the following topics at the Forum:

  • Main trends in the systems of power storage systems
  • Risks in the use of decentralized energy generation systems 
  • Energy generation solutions for isolated territories and micro-settlements
  • Autonomous electricity and heat generation for private sector. Case study
  • Main trends in EV market in Russia
  • Necessary measures for development of EV charging infrastructure 

International conference Digital Technologies in Logistics and Infrastructure

Section 7 of the conference was fully devoted to a discussion of the role of ICT in the development and use of green energy and energy efficiency.

The preliminary results of the Green ReMark project were discussed in the expert community. 

SPbPU students, active participants in student associations on green energy and energy conservation, took part in the conference.