18.12.2018 Programme Annual Event 2018

The event was organized by JMA in Lappeenranta University of Technology. The event called to increase the visibility of the CBC programme, promote achievements and demonstrate the added value of cooperation to the programme stakeholders and key decision-makers as well as among the local population. The event also gives floor for the first selected projects to present their activities and objectives.  


The Annual Event was divided in to two days having shared focus on overall performance of the financing instrument and more specific discussions on implementing activities. Joint exhibition of the programme and projects was created of the roll-ups and tables, set on place by the Programme, and projects’ hand-outs and spokespersons to share information and give visibility of the funded actions.

Second day was reserved for supporting on-going, and soon launched projects, with topics that are relevant at early stage of the project implementation.

Project partners learned how to use PROMAS during the implementation phase and which functions are already working and which will be available little later. The project update templateas well as  project monitoring procedures were  also reviewed.